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Christopher Price

CEO and Co-Founder

Chris Price is the CEO and Co-Founder of Red Fox Real Estate Investments. Chris is a corporate professional, pharmaceutical executive, and leader with over 19 years of business operations experience working a top 20 overall pharmaceutical company. In addition to excelling in the board room, Chris is building his real estate portfolio as an active investor and real estate entrepreneur where he has been investing since 2012.

Chris is using his years of experience in corporate America, building and leading teams, single family rental investing, educational and team-sports background to scale into multi-family real estate investing. Today, Chris has successfully invested in multiple real estate deals ranging from syndications over 300 units as a Limited Partner, funds, single family, and vacant land. Chris is passionate about helping busy professionals grow their wealth through passive investments in real estate.


Allison Price

Co-Founder and COO

Allison Price is the COO and Co-Founder of Red Fox Real Estate Investments. Allie is a coporate professional, apperel manufacturing leader who has worked for 19 years at some of the worlds most iconic brands. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Allie has built a real estate portfolio where she has been investing since 2012.

Allie is bringing her years of business accumen and operational expertise working at major apparel companies to help Red Fox Real Estate Investments operate in the most efficient and effective way.

Our Family

Our why

Chris and Allie’s biggest accomplishments is their family. They met at Marist College (Home of the Marist Red Foxes) and are happily married. Together, the have 2 beautiful children, one girl and one boy and reside in White Plains, NY.

Our Advisors

Michael Blank is a Real Estate Investor, Bestselling Author of “Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing”, speaker, and leading authority on apartment investing in the United States. As the CEO of Nighthawk Equity, Host of the Apartment Building Investing Podcast, and Columnist, Blank’s passionate about helping people become financially free in 3-5 years by investing in apartment building deals and raising money. Through his investing company, Nighthawk Equity, he controls $90M million in multifamily assets and has raised over $21M. In addition to his own investing activities, he’s helped students purchase over 7,300 units valued at close to $330M through his content and training programs.

Blank’s been interviewed by top real estate podcasts, including Bigger Pockets, Joe Fairless (Best Ever Show), Get Rich Education, Cashflow Ninja and many more. “The Michael Blank” blog has also been listed in the Top 25 Real Estate Investing Blogs (2018) by Leap Property Management and Top Online Resources for Learning Real Estate by Fit Small Business (2019).

Blank is a Contributor to FlipNerd, Home Business Magazine, and his work has been featured in USA TODAY magazine, MSN, Go Banking Rates, Thrive Global, Joe Fairless (Best Ever Show), Bigger Pockets, National Real Estate Investor, Home Business Magazine, and more.

Philippe Schulligen

Philippe Schulligen

Advisor, Mentor, Coach

Philippe, co-founder of Boost Capital Group, is an active investor in 1,900 units, a $90M portfolio and contributed to raising $29M from investors. 

Philippe has first-hand experience in commercial multifamily real estate identifying, acquiring through syndication, capital raising, operating, and divesting. Philippe also mentored more than 25 new multifamily entrepreneurs and advises investors and other syndicators.

Prior to being full time in real estate, Philippe worked a corporate job in the business jets aircraft industry in various leadership roles for over 20 years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Science – Mechanical Engineering. 

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